fredag 20 maj 2011

A walk around Kastrup airport

Today I took a airplane to Kastrup on my way to Malmö. I had some hours left so I took a long walk in the area southwest of Kastrup to get some geocaches in Denmark.

I really like this kind of GC walks because you never know where you will end or what you will see. This is perhaps one of the best ways to see new and strange things. This walk were no exception.

Close to the airport there were streets with small houses and there where no problem to find the caches. At the end of the runway the geocache series Clear to land Runway 04L started. From here I walked from cache to cache in a wood/bush land. Sometimes there were very nice woods with great trees but other times the terrain were more difficult. Exact as the GC description say's there were a lot of small water obstacles that I had to jump over.

After 12 km walk I reach the beach and the sea. This evening it was hundreds of kite surfers out at the sea. There were a fantastic warm evening.


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