lördag 13 april 2013

Planning our microadventures

I got a question the other day about how we plan our adventures. Is it a democratic process where the kids are involved? So I thought I would share some thoughts on that.

Well, I would like this to be democratic... Our teenagers have agreed to do this with us this year, and I think that is a great achievement in itself. Asking them to also be enthusiastic and come up with ideas on things to do was stretching it a bit too far. So, now CJ and I plan the adventures ourselves and the kids have veto rights if they really don't want to do something. And so far that has been a winning concept.

It was also a great idea to start with something that we knew they would really enjoy - going wolf tracking. That made them more positive about this whole idea!

When it comes to coming up with ideas on what to do, I read a lot of other "microadventure" blogs to get inspired. When I mention our project to people I meet they also have ideas to share. We just got an offer to go sailing in the summer with a collegue in the archipelago south of Stockholm - sounds like that could be one of our adventures! And I hope our blog readers will come up with even more ideas!

For keeping track of the planning, we have an analog planning tool - our whiteboard! Works great! We actually use the whiteboard for planning everything that a busy family needs to keep track of, and now there's a special section on the board for our microadventures. I also use Evernote for keeping my notes, links, ideas all in one place. Did I mention that we have two project managers in this family?

What's your best planning advice? Our kids would say "don't plan too much - there must be room for spontaneity as well!"


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  1. Hi!
    This might be something for you:
    I've been there a couple of times and if you are lucky you will see this:
    I've taken that photo from Håkan's blind.
    Hope You'll have a nice weekend.
    Best regards,
    Daniel a.k.a. D/T

  2. Great advice and a great photo! That would be so fascinating! Maybe something for the fall, let's think about that! Have a great weekend you too!