lördag 27 april 2013

Adventure #3 - Horseback riding

Finally time for our next microadventure doing something we have never tried before - horseback riding. This time we brought Sarah with us for extra support, she's an excellent rider so that felt comforting.

We arrived to Oak Wood Ranch north of Stockholm early on Saturday morning with the sun shining. We met our horses and helped to get them ready. It was a bit nervous to get up on the horses and the first practice steps in the paddock were not that easy. How do you make the horse move in the right direction?? After a while we managed to get the horses out of the paddock and lined up for the tour.

Helena, our guide for today took us gently forward on the grovel road. After about 10 minutes we started to feel more comfortable and could actually steer the horses somewhat... Some of the horses just followed the leader nicely like Glaesir and Bruda, but Casper had some problems getting Bob to go where he wanted. So he had some close encounters with the pine bushes...

We went through a pretty landscape with small roads and through the woods. A bit muddy and some of the horses didn't like that and tried to make detours to avoid the mud. We rode quite slowly, but we got to try the faster trot as well. And Bob chose to gallop for a while, not sure Casper enjoyed that!

We were out for about 1,5 hour which was quite enough for us beginners, we were tired, hungry and very satisfied when we arrived back at the stable. Great tour! Coffee and sandwiches was the perfect ending to this tour - which we really can recommend!

But our day wasn't finished there! Next item on the agenda was to go for a short hike and make lunch over a fire in the woods. We drove the car for a short distance and then walked a couple of km along Roslagsleden. We stopped at Lilla Harsjön, which is on section 4 from Lövhagen to Domarudden on the trail. This is a beautiful lake with a camping shelter and several fireplaces. When we got there, there were already people at the shelter so we chose to use another fire place close by. Before the lunch we showed Sarah how to do geocaching and logged the cache Lilla Harsjön.

The weather was perfect - sunny and warm. We relaxed on the rocks by the water and made a fire. The lunch was "BBQ chicken with couscous", a real de luxe meal. We were not in a hurry so we relaxed in the sun just enjoying the day.

I think the whole crowd was happy with the day. It was an adventure to ride the horses and then we ended with the lunch by the lake. What are you waiting for - get out there! What will be your next microadventure?

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