lördag 2 november 2013

Time for Mega Sweden - Fumble After Dark

We have been geocaching since 2007 and have logged over 6000 caches with our alias Team Vildmark. It has been a great family activity where we have explored many interesting places. We have geocached in our own neighbourhood and also when travelling to other places. We have logged geocaches in 20 countries. We have seen places we would never ever visit otherwise. We have met people from all over the world. So - it is a hobby that has really worked well for our family.

One tradition for us is the geocaching event Fumble After Dark. A bunch of people get together to talk about geocaching during the day. Then when the night falls everyone puts on their headlamps and run out into the woods to geocache in the dark. The geocaches are always elaborate with fun puzzles that all of us, also the kids enjoy. The last couple of years the event has grown and passed 500 attendees two years ago, making into a Mega event. I don't know how many people that will join this year, but there are 640 logs already (with some logs representing several people).

This year Fumble After Dark has moved from the West coast to the East coast and will take place today in Södertälje. For us this will be the 5th year that we attend. During the day there are lectures, exhibitions and other activities. The main event starts in the evening when the coordinates for the geocaches are released and the night hunt begins. So, right now we are getting all the gear together. Headlamps, UV-lamp, geocaching coins, warm clothes and boots, first aid kit, water bottle, batteries, GPS, Swiss Army knife, paracord bracelets - and hopefully happy teenagers :-)

Here's a taste of what can happen during FAD with some photos from previous years.

Getting ready for the night activities in Tjörn 2010

Climbing trees

Of course there's a bar in the woods

Teamwork required, this is from Lerum 2011

Hints can be found everywhere
Looking forward to a great evening in the dark! We'll be back with a summary of this years's Mega Sweden Fumble After Dark.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Jag har varit på FAD en gång för två år sedan. Det var kul! Idag skickade jag bara iväg maken, själv har jag annat att göra hemma.
    Ha det så kul i skogen!

  2. Verkar som ett kul event och jag ser fram emot er rapport.......
    Följde ditt råd K. och köpte en Garmin Dakota. Har fått ihop 22 cachar än så länge så sakta men säkert håller jag på att utforska omgivningarna med nya "ögon".... Min första cache blev för övrigt en Team Vildmarkare nämligen Oskarshäll!
    Ha en trevlig kväll/natt med roliga utmaningar!