måndag 8 mars 2010

Shopping or Geocaching?

The answer is geocaching!

C at the One NELAva View!

Today the Team Vildmark split the team in two halfs - half of the team went shopping at South Floridas (?) biggest Mall and the other half looked for caches in the area around the Mall. CJ+C left A+E at the Mall and looked up the closest cache at the GPS. This one took us to an old store. We then continued with the next closest, the next etc. This gave us a four hours tour. We logged 12 caches and 4 DNF:s. We talked to one police officer, one military person , a lost local and a nice old couple and not to forget the staff at the golden arches that supplied us with coffee and drinks.

Forgotten places.

A couple of favourite caches were the One NELAva View! and Takhomasak (difficulty 4).

Nice box and place.


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