torsdag 6 juni 2013

Getting ready for kayaking

Today on June 6, it is the Swedish National Day and we have beautiful sunny weather here in Stockholm. Our National Day was "invented" in 1983, and is not really a big celebration in Sweden. We are spending the day relaxing at home, going to an outdoor concert to listen to one of our neighbours sing songs by our local celebrity Ted Gärdestad, and then we also will do some planning for our next adventure - kayaking.

We are not really "boatpeople"... And we have actually never gone kayaking before. We borrow a "Canadian canoe" sometimes, for scout hikes and just canoeing on the small creeks in Sala. But kayaking seems more challenging and difficult...
Canoe trip in Sala 2011

So, going kayaking is definitely an adventure for us! It looks like something we would really enjoy, so now it's time to find out. In order to make sure that this will be a nice experience we have booked an instructor for the first hours, at Hemviken Kajak. I am hoping that will make at least me feel more secure!

We are going to go to the northern part of the Stockholm archipelago, to the island Ljusterö. It is actually one of our favourite places in the archipelago, since it is easily accessible even if you don't have a boat. On the northern part of Ljusterö there is a nature reserve at Östra Lagnö which we have visited several times before. The plan is that we go there, have dinner at a cliff overlooking the ocean and then sleep in a tent the night before. It looks like we will have great weather so it sounds like the plan will work!

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