lördag 9 mars 2013

Wildnerness inspiration

Planning one adventure each month requires some creativity and great ideas. So, to get some inspiration Annika visited Vildmarksmässan (The Wilderness Fair) in Älvsjö outside of Stockholm. We have been going there for some years now, and I think this year was one of the best. More exhibitors and activities than last year, and quite a lot of visitors.

I talked to plenty of exhibitors opening with the phrase "I'm looking for great things to do with our teenagers". And that led to some interesting discussions and recommendations, I also met other parents with the same challenge. I skipped most of the exotic travel companies and focused on the more local companies and organizers that fit into our "nearby adventure" concept.

Plenty of activities for kids
Lot's of wilderness lovers
So, now I have some ideas to pitch to the rest of the team! How about going horseback riding in Finnskogarna, exploring caves in Kolmården, mountainbiking in Bergslagen or going on a bike trail along the roads in Åland?

I bought some books for inspiration, I was especially excited about the brand new book Vandra Roslagsleden by 52 adventures Gunnika Isaksson-Lutteman. I had a nice conversation with Gunnika who is a great inspiration for all of us that enjoy small adventures in our everday life!

My new books from Calazo

Another highlight was the Pathfinder Travels stand. We went on a hiking trip to Morocco with them several years ago, and really want to go on another hiking trip with this professional team. This time I got interested in a trip to Turkey and another to Jordan. One funny thing is that they still use a photo of Ellen on the fact sheet and the web page promoting the family hiking trip to Morocco!

Photo: Pathfinder Travels (from our trip to Morocco in 2007/

Our next family adventure will be a hike along the Sörmlandsleden (a 1000 km trail south of Stockholm). I had a long chat with one of the volunteers that takes care of the trail, a very nice man with lot's of ideas for various hikes that he recommended. I'll make a donation to the organization to support the great work that these volunteers do. And now it's time to start planning our next weekend, let's hope our kids enjoy this hike! However, it will be quite difficult to beat the success of the wolf-tracking in February...

I'll end by quoting Gunnika from her inscription in the book I bought:
 "Remember that the best adventures are those that actually happen!"


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