fredag 9 augusti 2013

August trip to the Stockholm archipelago

After a sunny summer with plenty of adventures, we are now getting ready to go back to work and school. But we have time for one more microadventure before returning to our everyday life again. This time, we are taking a long weekend to go "island hopping" in the Stockholm archipelago.

Photo from another trip out into the archipelago a few years ago

The boat company Waxholmsbolaget has an island hopping pass which is quite inexpensive (420 SEK for 5 days) which makes it easy to travel around on the islands on different boats. They have also prepared some recommended island hopping routes that we used for inspiration. We decided to go on the Southern route and spend four days out in the archipelago.

From Waxholmsbolaget 

This is our plan:
Day 1: Train to Nynäshamn, ferry to Rånö, stay in cabin
Day 2: Ferry to Ålö, hike to Gruvbryggan Utö, stay in hostel
Day 3: Ferry to Fjärdlång, stay in cabin
Day 4: Ferry to Dalarö, bus and then train back to Stockholm

There are plenty of shops and restaurants out on the islands, but we plan to make most of the meals ourselves. So, tonight we are planning all meals and making sure we have brought the essential things. And at the same time keeping the weight as low as possible for the backpacks. Actually, we are only planning one day of hiking and the rest of the days we will not have to carry the backpacks for any long distances. So I guess it's okay to add some extra weight this time.

The Stockholm archipelago is really a beautiful place and it looks like we will have nice weather - so looking forward to a nice weekend. More info coming soon!


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